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Concept Artists on Shaq Fu

Michael Sewell

Hi my name is Michael Sewell, I am 28 years old and I live in London England. I spent my childhood playing games and drawing comics and, as of late, not much has changed. After studying computer and video games at Southampton University, I went to work as a junior character concept artist and 3D modeller. In my spare time I started an airbrushing business and attempted to start an independent dev team to work on my own indie project. There is nothing more satisfying and challenging than the video games industry. To take something ordinary and turn it into something special, to watch a project develop from its roots into a fully working functional game is indescribable. Simultaneously evolving personally and artistically to not just build big but beautiful.

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A Fortunate Discovery

We're extremely pleased to have Michael working with us on Shaq Fu. He has a uniquely creative mind and has already contributed a great deal of excellent work which we can't wait to turn into three dimensional charaters in the game. His ideas are exactly the kind of thing we're looking for and he's a great artist. Here you can see some of his own ideas and rough sketches that we'll be continuing to work with. He'll be joining us at our studio to work with our designers and other artists in creating Shaq Fu. We'll be posting some of his experiences on this site so stay tuned for mor from Michael.

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