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Move Stylists Cast for Shaq Fu

Ten of the signature moves that Shaq will perform in the game will be designed by ten indivuduals of exceptional skill and creativity. We don't know of any other game that has included this kind of content and we're very excited to see what our Move Stylists will come up with!

Rick Tankard

I'm a PhD student at the The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Australia. I generally prefer close combat games over FPS and am a long time a fan of couch multiplayer games, maxing out my controllers for each console since the Nintendo 64. I joined this project because of the sheer hilarity of the Shaq Fu trailer.

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Joel Bailey

Practicing martial arts throughout his high-school career, Joel simultaneously fell in deep with fighting games after being exposed to Guilty Gear.  This Russian-speaking physicist is impressed with The Big Aristotle's devastating domination off the court, and he is proud to be a contributor to Shaq's new and improved fighting game.

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