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Greg Shappy

Head model and tough guy for Shaq Fu

Meet the Cast

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is taking a totally new and exciting angle on traditional video game production. From day one we felt strongly about putting the video game fans at the heart of the project. With this belief we set out to find our cast from amongst those who would support us in making the game. As a result we found over one hundred voice actors, five head models, and several talented musicians and concept artists that are now the stars of Shaq Fu!


In this section of the website you can meet the cast, get to know some of them, and hear about their experiences of working on the project.




Head Models

Concept Artists

Signature Move Stylists

A Game for the Fans

From day one of this campaign we wanted to make this a game for the fans. So many studios take it for granted that they know what people want. Because of this fact, we get a lot of games that fit the same old formula. They lack humour and originality. Shaq Fu is going to be different. By making this a game for the fans, we intend to show that the people know what they want. The response we had during the campaign was incredible. Some great ideas came forward.


As a result of our philosophy we now have over one hundred members of the gaming community that will actually be cast members in the game. On top of that we have another thousand fans that will help us shape the project's direction. This is a really exciting project to be a part of and we think it's totally original. If you're not already involved, there's still time to join the community. Grab one our perks, even if it's just a copy of the game, and you will become one of the team.

Brian Oakley

Voice actor and bad ass for Shaq Fu

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